Shoe Repairs

Shoe Repair Charlotte, MI

When your shoes are looking rough, it’s easy to cut your losses and just throw them away. Most quality leather shoes are actually designed to be refurbished, and at Charlotte Shoe Repair we can help you assess whether it’s best to save or scrap your beloved pair. We can restore them to like-new condition. Our quality materials will wear better than those from most shoe manufacturers and can add years to your footwear life. Think of it as reinvesting in a prized possession!

When you bring your shoes into Charlotte Shoe Repair, our expert craftsmen:

  • Remove worn soles and heels and replace with new
  • Remove worn cork, footbeds, and soles of Birkenstocks and replace with new
  • Replace worn welts and soles of work boots with new
  • Install lifts/build-ups on shoes/boots
  • Deep clean the leather upper to remove the dirt and built-up polish
  • Apply leather conditioners to restore the oils that make it soft and supple. This reconditioning process adds years of life to your shoes
  • We also clean and repair boots
  • Re-color boots/shoes to black (only)

We take pride in making your shoes like new!


There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to shoe repair. Did you know we can also…

  • Replace or repair zippers
  • Shorten belts
  • Re-lace baseball gloves
  • Repair handbags
  • Repair and clean leather jackets
  • Stretch shoes and boots (width, instep and boot calf
  • Replace buckles, rivets, snaps and cloth eyelets


Don’t wait until your shoes are worn down! It’s good to be proactive with new footwear

  • Protective soles can be applied to extend sole life and increase slip resistance
  • Shoes can be dyed if a color change is necessary (black only)
  • Shoes that are too tight can be stretched
  • Plastic heels can be replaced with slip-resistant rubber
  • Shoes can be weatherproofed for added protection in wet or oily environments
  • Heels can be lowered for comfort (up to 1/2 in.)

Bring in your worn footwear for a repair estimate today or give us a call at (517) 543-6988 for more information!

Communities Served

  • Charlotte
  • Holt
  • Mason
  • Lansing
  • Okemos
  • Williamston
  • Perry
  • Haslett
  • Fowlerville
  • Laingsburg
  • Eaton Rapids
  • East Lansing
  • Bath
  • DeWitt
  • Owosso
  • St Johns
  • Potterville
  • Grand Ledge
  • Ionia
  • Portland
  • Greenville
  • Dimondale
  • Carson City
  • Lake Odessa