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Aqua Seal Leather Conditioning


  • Formulated for extreme outdoor exposure – for workers and outdoorsmen that constantly battle trying conditions.
  • Provides a first-rate waterproof barrier that keeps feet dry in uncommon weather exposure
  • Replaces the tanning oils that wear and weather remove. Gives leather fibers the needed lubrication to stretch, compress and bend
  • For all types of smooth & grained finished leathers

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Not all leather conditioners are created equal.  AQUASEAL’s is first-rate in replacing essential oils lost through wear and weather.  The correct moisture balance is restored.  The nourishment improves leather’s look and feel, while maximizing the quality and duration of its life.

How to Apply:

Leather should be free of dirt and grime (use AQUASEAL Smooth Leather Cleaner).

Some darkening may occur. Test in a hidden small area before applying to all. Shake well. Apply an even coat to the surface. Let dry for 1 hour. Apply second coat. Dry overnight. If light haze appears, brush/buff lightly. Reapply as weather and wear requires it.