FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

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Shoe Repair Questions

Can Charlotte Shoe Repair Shop repair any brand of boot?

We can repair just about type of shoe or boot. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Can all boots be repaired?

This depends on how the boots were made. What needs to be repaired on the boots. Any boots made using welt construction can be repaired, pending any excessive wear and tear.

How can I tell if my boots can be repaired?

Boots with cracked insoles, torn leather uppers or worn through linings usually cannot be repaired. If you are unsure if your boots can be repaired, call Charlotte Shoe Repair.

Can the Charlotte Shoe Repair fix my boots if I’ve had them repaired by another repair shop?

There are cases where we cannot repair boots that have been repaired by another shoe repair shop due to the way they repaired the boots. It’s best to call or e-mail with specific questions.

Can my boots be dyed?

Yes we can dye your boots in black only.

Can the stitching on my boots be fixed?

We can repair minor stitching and this depends on where the repair is located.

Can you repair the toe area of my boots?

We cannot replace the worn toe area of your boots. We can add an after market toe protection (Tuff Toe).

Shipping Questions

How should I ship my boots to Charlotte Shoe Repair?

Please remove any laces, footbeds (if used) and other personal items before sending your boots in to our repair shop. We are unable to return any of these items.

What happens if my boots cannot be repaired after I’ve sent them in?

If your boots cannot be repaired, they will be sent back to you with a letter explaining why they cannot be repaired. We will also send back your check or refund your payment.

How long will it take to get my boots back from the repair shop?

You can expect to receive your boots in approximately 2-3 weeks. Please allow more time for more extensive repairs.

Where do I ship my boots to?

Our repair facility is located at: 215 S. Cochran Ave • Charlotte, MI 48813

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